Teens - Why Consider a NLP Approach?
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Teens - Why Consider a NLP Approach?

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It would hardly be an exaggeration if we called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) the art and science of personal excellence.Created by authors John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the 1970s, NLP is a revolutionary approach to personal development, communication and psychotherapy.The approach was named so because our language (linguistic) is related to the neurological processes (neuro) and behavioural patterns we develop through experience (programming).Let's-Live believes that by skilfully changing the three core-elements of NLP, individuals can achieve specific goals in life.

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The NLP approach can be best understood with the help of three core concepts – subjectivity, consciousness and learning.Subjectivity refers to the individuality with which we perceive the things around us.

Using our language and the five senses, we create subjective representations of our everyday experiences.These subjective representations largely influence our behaviour.Our consciousness comprises two elements – one conscious and the other unconscious.

The unconscious mind stores these subjective representations and influences our conscious decisions.Learning refers to an imitation-based method of acquiring knowledge and information.

Termed as "MODELLING", the method can help us decode and reproduce the skills and expertise of an exemplar.



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Co-founders Bandler and Grinder have successfully used NLP Coaching to model the skills of exceptionally talented people in teens and young adults.The fact that youngsters are easily impressionable and have relatively simple perceptions about things happening around them, makes NLP Coaching for teens more effective.The trainers at Let's-Live Coaching have received advanced training in NLP and can help you find comprehensive solutions to problems in your work or home environment as well as any negative, self-made mental barriers that may be holding you down.

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The concepts of subjectivity, consciousness and learning are central to the modules of NLP coaching for young adults and teens offered by Let's-Live Coaching.Our NLP Coach will lead you to better behavioural patterns by carefully analysing and modifying your subjective representations of life experiences.

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While you could hire a counsellor to help you deal with negative thoughts, emotions and experiences, the solution to life's overarching problems can come only from an NLP Coach.Your NLP Coach will be able to relate your feelings and reactions to those feelings, to deeper levels of your cognition.Our NLP Coaches are trained to understand the interactions between your mind, language and behaviour and map the part of your unconscious mind that causes you to interpret, feel or react the way you do.In comparison to counselling, the NLP approach will help you understand the deep-seated triggers of uncomfortable feelings better and thus, tackle them more efficiently.Take the first step towards a changed you, today.

Contact us for answers to any questions you may have about Life Coaching and we will be happy to help.

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