Teens - Coaching or Psychology?
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Teens - Coaching or Teens Psychology?

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The difference between coaching and therapy lies primarily in their focus.



While psychology focuses extensively on the past and the present, coaching focuses extensively on the present and the future.The Life Coaching approach focuses on your entire life – career, relationships, health, wealth, mental well-being and spirituality as well as their relationship with one another.


The psychology approach on the other hand, focuses on you internal world – subconscious mind, memories and so on.Another key difference between the two approaches is in the root assumption on which each approach is based.Therapy draws from the root assumption that something is wrong in your internal world.


It is getting in way of your functioning and must therefore be fixed.Life Coaching on the other hand draws from the assumption that nothing is wrong with you.

You only need help and guidance to make your life better.



At Let's-Live Coaching, trained and certified Life Coaches work with you to make your life as good as you want it to be in terms of managing and succeeding in personal projects, business, general transitions, personal and professional relationships and personal development.


It helps in the acquisition of new skills and the identification of obstacles, to overcome them.


Our Coaches also help in time and stress management, which is especially helpful for teens and young adults.

A Life Coach can provide a more holistic help to teens, than a psychologist



The teens and young adults of today are constantly under pressure to perform better.Right from taking notes in class, to being a part of the "COOL CROWD" during recess, or excelling in sports after school hours, completing homework, preparing for examinations, planning for a prospective career – they are over-worked and stressed out.


A young adult psychology therapist will be able to help you resolve problems associated with a self-esteem or self-confidence, but that would be all.With the Teens Coaching however, you will find more holistic help.


Your Life Coach will get you motivated, help you set achievable goals, lay out a plan to achieve those goals and feel more satisfied with your life.





Why teens and young adults respond better to Life CoachingThe success of teens and young adult coaching is also rooted in the fact that teens and young adults are more impressionable and therefore likely to respond favourably to the suggestions of their Life Coaches.They may not find relevant help through the teens-psychology approach because psychologists focus primarily on the mind and want to identify the trigger of a problems.Teens feel more comfortable talking to a Friendly Coach and will be more open with a Coach than a "SHRINK."

Benefits of teens and young adult Coaching Your Life Coach will help you feel more confident. Some of the far-reaching benefits of Life Coaching include :

  • ► Increased productivity in school – higher grades, better notes-taking, improved class work, regular home-work completion and reduced absenteeism.
  • ► Decreased anger, violence, aggression and stress.
  • ► Improved self-confidence, self-esteem and a stronger sense of identity and purpose.
  • ► Decreased deviant behaviour – smoking, drinking, abusing prescription drugs, lying, cheating or stealing.
  • ► Improved social skills, time management and goal setting.
  • ► Positive attitude towards parents, friends, teachers, relatives and life in general.
  • ► Greater clarity on passions, goals and ambitions.


We at Let's-Live Coaching like to call ourselves your enabler. We work to empower you so that you can meet any challenge and emerge victorious. We work to make you what you want to be. Call us today and take the first step towards a better life!

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