2 Days Life Coaching Certification
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2 days Self-Development- Life Coaching Course


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Hi! My name is Executive, everyone knows me as Ferrari, but my friends call me Perfume. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it. Then why do most people insist on confusing their job titles, what they drive and the stuff they own with who they really are? A car or consumer product cannot give prestige any more than a false belief can guarantee a positive outcome.

Beliefs make up an integral part of our individual identities and can make us feel safer about our decisions and feel more in charge of our unthinking reactions. Life Coaching aims to uplift people through holistic methods that radiate lasting positive change. The 2 days Self-Development- Life Coaching Course is the first wrung on your ladder to becoming a successful Life Coach and shows you how to tap into your latent potential and take charge of your choices in life.

Through a range of high energy activities and practical instruction you will be introduced to the latest breakthroughs in motivational science and learn how to permanently dispel unresolved emotional issues, structure empowering beliefs and find dynamic new ways of unleashing the possibilities for greatness in yourself and others


The 2 days Self-Development – Life Coaching Course plays out over 2 action packed days and will teach you the most powerful Self-Development and Personal-Development techniques to free yourself from the unnecessary pain of limiting beliefs and subconscious assumptions. The 2 days Life Coaching course will show you practical ways to vanquish destructive habits and help you move closer to expressing your own authentic blueprint and design.

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The days Self-Development – Life Coaching Course is carefully designed to assist people too overcome challenge like: Depression, Addiction, Substance Abuse, Identity Issues and Emotional Barriers. 



Most of all the 2 days Self-Development – Life Coaching course focuses on: Personal Growth, Personal Improvement, Personal Development Skills, Effective Personal Development Tools, Self-Growth, Self-Confidence, Self-Enhancement, Self-Understanding, Self-Improvement


We believe in the potential of all people and appreciate every opportunity to help individuals get back on their feet and sprinting down the road to achieving their dreams. For this reason we offer easy subsidy plans to students with the enthusiasm but not yet the means to make a contribution. Along with receiving your formal certification you will celebrate your breakthrough with an exciting real NLP board breaking session. If you are ready to unleash the immeasurable power waiting within, contact us today and let's smash the barriers holding you back from the abundant life that lies before.

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